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Knowing the customer is the key to succeed

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Utilities Analytics

Knowing the customer is the key to succeed in an extremely competitive environment

The success of public services companies relies on the abilities to detect business opportunities and maximize the customer’s value by analyzing their behavior.

BIRT Analytics empowers business analysts with Big Data technologies: visual data mining and predictive analytics. They can explore and analyze big data, extract hidden insights instantly, and bring added value and agility to the business and the whole decision-making process.

BIRT Analytics detects business opportunities by measuring the customer's real potential. For example, BIRT Analytics calculates the 'optimum consumption per contract'. BIRT Analytics makes it possible to predict unpaid contracts and fraud, adjust prices and adjust services by obtaining a 360º of the customer's knowledge.

Utility companies can gain a competitive edge through costs reductions (Call Center), resource optimization (self-management system, effectiveness analysis) and customer management efficiency.

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Evolution: Analyze the behavior of customer at all times is crucial to improve operations and competitive position.

Green Energy:

Forecasting the energy production to optimize its market value

The production capability of renewable energy producers and suppliers mainly depends on the climate. Being anticipative and getting to know quite in advance how the production varies not only will make these companies eco-friendlier and more environmentally sustainable, but they will also be more competitive within the global economic environment.

How to foresee the production for a more efficient and competitive negotiation

  • Energy production forecast by integrating data related to time, climate and technology.
  • Analysis of the volume of energy produced in different conditions and energy for sale estimate.
  • Soon detection of performance losses related to the equippments′ demotion and to anomalies in their running.

The Challenge: Forecasting the production to optimize its market price

  • Reducing the uncertainty of the energy to be produced to optimize its market value.
  • Getting to know the production variability depending on environmental conditions.
  • Analysing the equippments′ demotion on yearly production to avoid losses and gain efficiency.

The Solution: BIRT Analytics

  • Capability of cross and non-predefined analysis, by crossing and integrating any type of available information (weather, technology, production, etc.)
  • Forecasting the volume of energy to be produced and sold according to time, climate and technology criteria.
  • Identifying the features of technological equippments with optimum performance.
  • Soon detection of floors showing falls in production levels, and analysis of the equippments′ and modules′ demotion according to miscellaneous parameters.
  • Comparative analysis of yearly production to estimate the equippments′ real vs. expected demotion, making it possible to verify their useful life and to rapidly identify tools with less TCO.
The Benefits of using BIRT Analytics
  • Global business view.
  • Capability to be anticipative.
  • More efficiency in sales negotiation.
  • Production optimization through the selection of technologies with little demotion and higher performance.
  • Costs reduction and production losses.
  • More competitiveness.
  • Even more sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • Business user self-sufficiency.
  • Soon detection of business opportunities.
  • Predicting the future customer demand
  • Optimal pricing analysis
  • Integrating and analysing internal and external data
  • Data quality for better analysis
  • Immediate response to unpredicted questions
  • Predicting equippment failures: corrective maintenance
  • Classifying error profiles and key facts
  • Processes optimization and automation
  • Reduction of IT′s workload and costs

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Profile: In depth and immediately analysis to discover profiles, consumption patterns, behaviors, billing procedures,...

Workflow: Personalize marketing campaigns, tracking and evaluation in real time
Pivot Table
Pivot Table: We analyse the global performance crossing different data according to climate, technology and time cirteria

Profile: We draw the profile of floors with bigger and smaller production volume to rapidly get to know the effects of equippments' demotion on yearly production

Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Forecasting the energy production volume to be more efficient in sales negotiation
“Our commitment lies in the quality of the services we offer the sector over time. We therefore wanted to even add more value to our services by using a different kind of data exploitation tool, one with a depth and dynamism that would allow us to incorporate our valuable knowledge and experience. BIRT Analytics has helped us to move ahead in our research, which will positively impact our insurance offering to the agricultural sector." Fernando Burgaz, General Director, ENESA
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