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Building Customer Loyalty for Telcos

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Telecom Analytics

Building Customer Loyalty for Telcos

Lower private and corporate consumption rates, higher dissatisfaction and distrust of customers towards their operators, and the entrance of new players in the market have turned customer retention into a true challenge for telecommunication companies.

How to forecast customer churn and increase customer value and loyalty

Faced with the critical problem of customer attrition, companies in the telco industry need to understand their current customers in order to avoid churn. Moreover, they need to learn how to boost customer value and loyalty, while also optimizing the business for better services.

  • Integrate data from all internal channels with external sources to obtain a 360º customers view and identify cross selling opportunities early in advance
  • Prevent customers churn and detect cross selling opportunities
  • More effectiveness in acquisition and retention campaigns with prior knowledge about the best product to recommend to each customer

Challenge: Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Easy integration of data from miscellaneous sources
  • 360º customers view
  • Forecasting customer churn helps you figure out the best product to recommend at the optimum price
  • Integrated campaign management
Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Depending on the most relevant features of our customers (e.g., age, sex, marital status, occupation, income), we can discover the best product to recommend.

Workflow: Depending on the response to a campaign launched through SMS or WEB, we can measure its real ROI.

Solution: BIRT Analytics

  • Loading and integrating large data sets from miscellaneous sources: customers base, call center inbound and outbound calls, campaigns, web analytics, prices, billing, other lines
  • Profile to identify the variables that best describe the customer and draws behavioral profiles and patterns to offer them targeted products and services
  • Advanced analytics to identify cross and up selling opportunities, even with customers from more than one line with contracts from different companies
  • Predictive analytics to forecast customer churn, to recommend the best product to each customer, and to perform optimal pricing analysis
  • Predictive techniques to define triggered business rules that make alarms go off when a variable is out of the expected value, implying a risk (tendency to churn, fall of activity, frauds), responses and stemming actions automated through iWorkflow
Profile: We draw a profile of our customers using relevant variables.

Discover the Benefits of BIRT Analytics

  • Improved customer retention rate
  • More effective marketing campaigns
  • Better customer acquisition rates
  • Prevention of customer attrition
  • Control over all marketing campaigns
  • Reduced costs and losses
  • Optimized average expense per customer (ARPU)
  • Increased ROI
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased customer portfolio value and loyalty
  • Integrated campaign management with instant results and on-the-fly corrections through Workflow
Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram: To identify cross-selling opportunities, you can cross information from mobile and land line customers, as well as data that belongs to your competitors' customer base.
"Advanced and predictive analytics solutions that deliver unprecedented usability, aimed at business users with limited technical skills who demand real-time, self-service data mining″. Marek S. Wojtachnia, Sales Director, Brújula
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