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Big Data Analytics eliminates the need for multiple tools and technical expertise

Big Data Analytics turns big data into precise customer knowledge allowing for delivery of higher value services, including process automation, predictive analytics, 360º customer visibility, multi-channel campaign management and web customer access. Big Data Analytics identifies cross and upselling opportunities to existing customers to continually expand offerings of new, high-demand services.

Minimize software and operational costs

  • Reduce operational costs by 50% with a single, intuitive, end-to-end solution
  • Give clients access to their data and develop strategies collaboratively
  • Easily integrate heterogeneous data for comprehensive customer visibility
  • Optimize processes and increase efficiency

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Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram: Combine multiple segments to discover connections, relationships or differences. Explore customers that have bought different categories of products and easily identify cross-selling opportunities

Deliver higher value services with better margins

  • Marketers need a single, easy-to-use analytics tool that allows them to integrate multi-source data sets without having to work with SQL or other programming tools
  • In order to turn their expertise into results, analysts need to work autonomously to explore, analyze, monitor and evaluate with tools that require minimal technical skills
  • Agencies need to be able to handle clients' ever-increasing volume and variety of data
  • Marketers often need to invest in multiple tools to roll out comprehensive services to clients
  • Agencies need to provide clients greater transparency and to demonstrate measurable results, while ensuring the integrity and privacy of customer data
Profile: Identifies the variables that best and worst describe the customers, and draws accurate portraits of them for 360º view

The Solution: Big Data Analytics

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Forecasting: Forecasting enables you to adapt to changes, trends and seasonal patterns. You can accurately predict monthly sales volume or anticipate to the number of orders expected in any given month

Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Big Data Analytics has a dynamic classification algorithm that expands its knowledge and capacity as new classification rules are introduced. It learns as rules are applied across the entire database so that future classifications are fast and accurate.
"What we develop goes beyond simple data management and traditional reporting, enabling our clients to access simple tools powered by Big Data Analytics. The capacity to explore and analyze millions of data records online in real time is proving to be a great success." Antonio Tena, Managing Partner, Pentasoft
Big Data Analytics Customers
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