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Free Trial Center: Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is related to CLOUD FREE TRIAL.
Specific information for DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL is coming soon.

We have made it easy! Take a look at our FAQ before you Sign In and don't hesitate to contact us if needed

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How long will it take me to be registered?

Registration at BIRT Analytics Free Trial is automatic so you will receive your password by email just a few seconds after you fill out this form.

Can I download the software?

No, BIRT Analytics Free Trial is only accessible via web.

Is there any browser you recommend?

Yes, we recommend any version of Google Chrome not older than 16. Anyway you can choose any of the following ones:

Google Chrome 16 – 26 16 – 26 16 – 26
Mozilla Firefox 8 – 20 8 – 20 Not Supported
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 Not Supported Not Supported

What kind of data is available?

You will be able to analyze 27.133.950 rows of data from an anonymous home improvement retailer that sells through outlets, mail orders and eCommerce. You can download more details about the database structure.

Can I import/export my own data?

During the 30-Day Free Trial you wouldn’t be able to use your own data but you can ask any time for a custom demo.

Can I use engineering tools?

Yes, you can test all engineering tools using our generic dataset but remember that these changes will be shared with other users. For that reason the 1st day of every month we will restore it to the default values at 15:00 PST.

Is there any predefined analysis?

Yes. BIRT Analytics it’s even easier since it includes 14 predefined analysis ready to be used: Sales Evolution by Product Category, RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value) Analysis, RFM Clustering Segmentation, Churn Analysis, Basket Analysis by Product Categories, Cross Sell Opportunities, Forecast customer value, Correlated Data, Predict Twitter Audience and Predict Customer Gender

Can I save my own analysis?

Yes, your own analysis can be saved at your folders with no need to share them.

Is there any training needed?

BIRT Analytics is easy to use but we encourage the beginners to watch as many videos as they can at our video tutorials

What can I do if I have any doubt?

Once you are inside the application click on the "?" signs that you will find by every specific feature and remember you can also contact us anytime by email using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Don't hesitate to ask for a custom demo or take a look at our Resources section to find Documentation or Webcasts.