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Financial Analytics

Maximizing the Business Knowledge

The financial sector generates large volumes of information and must comply with increasing regulatory pressure and changes, which affect the formal reporting system. Stronger competence, lower margins, better customer financial cultures, new population segments and new communication channels influence prior situations.

Validation tools must deliver the power and flexibility needed to ensure data consistency and constant adaptation to regulation and business managers′ demands.

BIRT Analytics is crucial to deal with these processes, which are aimed to make financial institutions have a deeper knowledge of their customers, of data exploitation and knowledge generation, and of the official reporting and business knowledge maximization.

Based on advanced analytics techniques, BIRT Analytics allows financial entities to analyze all their data in detail and instantly, fast and with no need to bring the IT department to a standstill.

Some BIRT Analytics′ common applications for financial services:

  • Campaign Tracking: Researches on response rates
  • Product Research: Features of customers who consume certain products
  • Promotions Research: Detecting overlapping campaigns, evaluation, promotions
  • Revolving Cards' Sector: Users behaviors and profiles identification
Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Makes predictions to know which real estate is the most suitable to offer to each prospect, according to the drawn portrait and to the features of the product (price, size, etc).

Some advanced analytics solutions provided by BIRT Analytics are the following:

  • Real Estates
  • Maximum value and rigor for customers′ data
  • Customer risk versus profit matrix
  • Customer allocation
  • Customer risk classification evolution
  • Identification of behaviors in finance products (eg. revolving cards)
  • Money laundering patterns detection
  • Optimizing ATM operations (seasonality, weather, customer patterns,...)
  • Selection and alert non-performing loans (NPL)
  • Validation of data for legal reporting on time
  • Integrated business View: All data sources together

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Pivot Table
Pivot Table: Classifying the portfolio of assets depending on their typology, location or possibilities.

Analytics Solutions for Real Estates

Advanced and Predictive Analytics for allocated assets to be marketed profitably by banks and savings banks

Due to the economic crisis, banks and savings banks have collected a bulky portfolio of real estates that blast the results of their fiscal year, impoverish their market rating and make it difficult for them to deal with capitalization and solvency requirements.

Financial institutions need to get to know their customers in depth in order to face the challenge of designing an appropiate strategy for placing the allocated assets in the market profitably, while keeping up with legal requirements.

  • Deep knowledge of prospects in order to react on time and launch customized marketing campaigns
  • Advanced and predictive analytics to respond instantly to the unexpected and improve business productivity and business development
  • Effective adaptation to ever-changing capitalization and solvency requirements

The Challenge: Placing allocated assets in the market profitably

  • 360º prospects view.
  • Launching customized promotional campaigns.
  • Analysis of assets depending on their type, location or possibilities.
  • Immediate reaction to unplanned situations.
  • Process automation, from assets acquisition to their management and sale.

The Solution for Real Estates

  • Integrating data from heterogeneous sources referring to people, files, accounts, policies, assets, purposes, valuation, procedural and registry-recorded information, etc.
  • Advanced analysis of the portfolio of assets to define the most suitable disinvestment strategy depending on their typology, location or possibilities (building lands, real estate developments, residential or sale/rental-available assets,...)
  • Profile identifies the variables that describe the customers (how they are and how they are not) and draws a purchaser portrait to know which prospects respond or are similar to this portrait, and to be able to execute cloning marketing actions.
  • Customized promotional campaigns launching and monitoring through BIRT Analytics Workflow to place the assets in the market without losing any profitability.
  • Predictive analytics to respond to the unexpected instantly and to set when to reactivate paralyzed assets, making it easy to lead immediate performances in the treatment of data and in the task of exploiting key information.
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Workflow: Immediate monitoring of all stages of a marketing campaign, from the target selection to the analysis of results.

Profile: Identifies the variables that describe the customers the best and draws a portrait of them to execute cloning marketing actions.

Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Makes predictions to know which real estate is the most suitable to offer to each prospect, according to the drawn portrait and to the features of the product (price, size, etc).

The Benefits of BIRT Analytics

  • Efficient monitoring and management of allocated assets.
  • Profitable marketing exploitation through sale or rental.
  • Adaptation to ever-changing legal requirements.
  • Reduction of the portfolio of real estates and assets optimization.
  • Anticipation to sale and/or rental opportunities.
  • More effectiveness and efficiency in sales deals.
  • Promotion of business productivity and development.

Forecast: Forecasting enables you to adapt to changes, trends and seasonal patterns. You can accurately predict sales volume or anticipate to the number of orders expected in any given period.
"Before using BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzing information took a considerable amount of our technical experts' time, which compromised the service we were providing. Since BIRT Analytics lets our users work autonomously, without IT assistance, our IT workload has decreased." Francisco Margarite, CIO, Inversis Bank
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