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Customer Segmentation:
Immediate identification and maximum efficiency

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Big Data Analytics' Selections functionality is based on many years of experience analyzing data and learning how users search and select data.

Big Data Analytics identifies and extracts registers graphically -individually or in groups-, applies complex conditions, combines data in tables that are not directly linked, uses “%”, “*”, “like”, “include”, “if”, “and”, “or”, brackets and others, with the aim of obtaining values or registers. Also, Big Data Analytics selects randomly, 1 of n, classifies, obtains discreet values, generates groups, drags&drops, inverts, excludes, combines segments, filters, domains, saves, saves as, exports selections, etc.

What our customers are already doing:

  • Sample selection: How can you get a sample with the 10 oldest unemployed men in London? You can do this using the "Selections" tool which enables you to get the segment that meets the conditions you have specified.
  • Using the reverse functionality: How can you get the records of the non women directors? You can do this using the "Selections" tool which enables you to get the segment that meets the conditions you have specified.
  • Selection with resolution change: How many households have female directors with incomes between 60.000$ and 70.000$? You can find that out by using the "Selections" tool, combining segments and building a complex query. Every time you run the Selections tool it will gather all the registers that meet the established conditions.
  • Parametric selection query: How can we get a segment classified by gender with the number of clients younger than 25 years old whose occupation is "Shop Worker"? To solve this case we use a parameterized gender selection that creates a different segment based on the parameter input.

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Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram: Combine multiple segments to discover connections, relationships or differences. Explore customers that have bought different categories of products and easily identify cross-selling opportunities.

Complex Selections
Complex Selections: Big Data Analytics' intuitive interface enables fast advanced segmentation across your entire database. Complex and parametric queries are easy to build from its dynamic graphical interface.
"Big Data Analytics enables our customers to find hidden information in their data. All they need to do is combine their own business smarts with Big Data Analytics's innovative advanced and predictive analytics techniques. Big Data Analytics gives business users the power to perform predictive analyses without complex mathematical models." Fred Veldhuis, Managing Director, CPM Factory
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