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Customer Lifetime Value: Focusing on customers that are most likely to buy is cost-efficient and intelligent

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Techniques like RFM analysis help to identify customers who actively engage with campaigns and spend more money, more often

Measure the Value of Customers

Separating the buyers from the churners brings precision and efficiency to marketing strategies and increases revenues in the short and long term.

  • Inability to identify high customer lifetime value (CLV) leads to ineffective strategies and overspending
  • Marketers need insight into who has bought, how much and when in order to predict campaign response rates
  • Companies need to see the real value of the potential loss of customers
Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram: Displays the number of purchases made by customers in certain periods of time.

The Solution

  • Purchasing Knowledge: Calculate the number of purchases made within a given time period
  • High CLV Visibility: Use a Pivot Table to cross frequency and monetary values and load a matrix that displays high and low CLV customers
  • Profiling & Segmentation: Create profiles based on the behavior of high CLV customers and segment accordingly
  • Better Campaigns: Create personalized campaigns designed to reach the most responsive, highest future value customers and automate the entire workflow
  • Results Prediction: Predict response rates by combining data mining with predictive analytics
  • Churn Prevention: Identify and see the value of customers who rate low on RFM and create targeted strategies
  • High CLV-Based Marketing: Measure the value of customers and weigh it against the cost of cross- and upselling strategies
Pivot Table
Pivot Table: Crosses recency, frequently and monetary value into a matrix.

Why Big Data Analytics

  • Boost sales while minimizing costs
  • Build high-ROI strategies and increase effectiveness
  • Gain a more valuable customer portfolio by identifying and stimulating high CLV customers
  • Identify loyalty factors and create strategies that increase profitability
  • Allow teams to analyze quickly and easily, with no dependence on IT
  • Analyze large, heterogeneous volumes of data quickly and easily

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Profile: Draws behavioral profiles from LifeTime value customers.
"Big Data Analytics enables our customers to find hidden information in their data. All they need to do is combine their own business smarts with Big Data Analytics's innovative advanced and predictive analytics techniques. Big Data Analytics gives business users the power to perform predictive analyses without complex mathematical models." Fred Veldhuis, Managing Director, CPM Factory
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