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360º Customer View:
Gain an integrated view of your customers

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BIRT Analytics

The best marketing results come from strategies that are based on accurate and comprehensive knowledge of customers and their behavior

SOCIAL communicates what customers think and who they influence, WEB analytics and CRM communicates how, when and what they buy, and campaign stats communicate how effectively companies are reaching out to them. The ability to integrate every Tweet, purchase or click into a single holistic view allows companies to segment precisely, manage customers effectively, respond fast to unexpected events and improve conversion rates.

  • Successful marketing requires an integrated, global view of customers and campaigns
  • Segmentation tools must be easy to use and accurate
  • Marketers need visibility and control of the campaigns process
  • Multi-source data must be integrated quickly so that churn prediction and sales opportunities are immediately clear
  • Knowledge of individual customer behaviour is needed to shape successful campaigns
Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Identify business-critical behavior patterns.

Enriched Campaign Results

Deepen the understanding of campaign results by crossing data with transactional information like purchases and demographic data.

  • Accurate Segmentation: Segment based on integrated customer data for more precision
  • Prediction and Profiling: Use data mining and predictive techniques to profile customers likely to churn or buy new products.
  • Fast Data Integration: Integrate multi-format data from all internal and external sources. No need for pre-processing or creating models, cubes or metadata
  • Campaign Management: Workflow tools enable end-to-end control of campaigns and automation based on previous results
Profile: Analyze and see patterns in minutes.

Gain an integrated view of customers

  • Create more effective campaigns
  • Identify inconsistencies immediately and react faster
  • Segment more precisely by using multi-source data to classify customers and identify opportunities
  • Design data-driven campaigns that offer the right products to the right customers
  • Optimize processes by using workflow tools to automate campaigns per defined indicators
  • Allow teams to analyze quickly and easily, with no dependence on IT
  • Analyze large, heterogeneous volumes of big data quickly and easily

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Profile: Identifies the variables that best and worst describe the customers, and draws accurate portraits of them for 360º view.

360º View of Customer: Integration of Web & eMailing

Offering products and services adapted to each customer increases conversion levels by more than 7%, according to Aberdeen*.

In order to achieve what is necessary to know in depth their interests, preferences, web behavior and responses to campaigns. By integrating web, emails, social media and CRM in a single platform, organizations can quickly get a complete vision of their customers and prospects allowing them to design more successful marketing campaigns with individualized offers adapted to the each client.

More customer knowledge, more successful campaigns

  • Perform fast analytics for a better understanding of the customers′ behavior
  • Maximize the profitability and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Improve the customer web experience through a 360º view of the customer base
Workflow: Work autonomously – no dependence on IT.

The Solution

Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram: Integrate with CRM, social media and email platforms.

Why Big Data Analytics?

  • Unified client view through the easy integration of big volumes of web data with internal and external sources
  • Increase the effectiveness and profitability of marketing campaigns
  • Connection of offers to the right segment based on demographic and behavioral data
  • Identification of cross sell and up sell opportunities through detailed segmentations
  • With a self-service and agile methodology, users can obtain key business insights instantly with total independence from IT
* Aberdeen Group: ′Divide & Conquer: Using Predictive Analytics to Segment, Target and Optimize Marketing′. February 2012

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Forecast: Predict sales and manage churn.

"Big Data Analytics enables our customers to find hidden information in their data. All they need to do is combine their own business smarts with Big Data Analytics's innovative advanced and predictive analytics techniques. Big Data Analytics gives business users the power to perform predictive analyses without complex mathematical models." Fred Veldhuis, Managing Director, CPM Factory
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