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Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Thought

Times faster than a RDBMS
Records explored in less than a second
Rows analyzed in under a minute
Megabytes loaded In an hour

Big Data Analytics for Business Analysts
Advanced analytics made easy. Our approach to analyzing Big Data gives you the fastest data loading speeds, statistical analysis with preprogrammed advanced algorithms, and agile visualization tools that provide accurate results and unimaginable big data insights. Best of all, you can solve all your Big Data challenges with our breakthrough business analytics software: BIRT Analytics. (No data scientist required!)

Want the best business analytics software that can handle enormous volumes of data without slowing down? Actuate offers you the first advanced analytics tool fine-tuned for extremely fast data loading and automatic statistical analysis from start to finish. Our all-in-one, web-based analytical tools allow you to explore millions and billions of records or transactions at once—without breaking a sweat. We get your organization up and running quickly and cost-effectively with one analytics platform—with nothing else to add on, no algorithms to code.  Now you can access all your business information—organized in a powerful columnar database—and apply precoded, analytical formulas with a few quick clicks. 

The result? Reliable and incredibly easy visual data mining. Just drag-and-drop the information you want to analyze and watch BIRT Analytics crunch advanced algorithms in seconds. You'll see statistical results generated instantly in dynamic graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, or any of your preferred visualization formats. Preview our gallery of data visualizations built with our prepackaged advanced analytical techniques. 

Sound too good to be true? Take a free tour of BIRT Analytics today and see firsthand how you can revolutionize the way your organization analyzes Big Data.

Looking for Big Data insights?
So, you've got tons of data. Now what? The true value of Big Data only comes when you can extract small data—precise, relevant answers to your business questions. BIRT can find them for you. We'll show you how

Do you want to understand your customers' behavior better? Is your goal to provide the best customer experience? Are you trying to find an efficient way to handle risk management and operational analytics? Looking for new sources of revenue? With one analytics tool, you can finally explore huge volumes of data and find answers to these kinds of questions and much, much more. BIRT connects to all your business information so you can analyze everything in your organization—and innovate along the way. We focus on markets that want to accelerate their analysis of Big Data for competitive insights and data-driven strategies.

BIRT Analytics helps you explore Big Data effectively so you can find the small data you're really looking for.

What will you optimize with your Big Data analysis?

Marketing Analytics

Segment smarter. Analyze quicker. Learn who your customers really are. Predict buyer trends. Exceed all your marketing goals:

  • Target Your Market
  • Spot Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunities
  • Reduce Customer Churn 

Operational Analytics

Differentiate your business. Pinpoint vulnerabilities. Anticipate the unexpected. Allocate resources appropriately. Optimize everything:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Risk Analysis
  • Operational Efficiency 

BIRT Analytics allows you to maximize the value of your data while cutting costs. Now you can sort through and analyze all your data in one place without waiting for sluggish data loading. No more relying on IT for support, either. Bottom line, you'll enjoy using our visual data mining tools that meet the IT business needs of your organization: flexible visual analytics software that allows non-technical users to obtain operational, customer-driven, and financial insights. Working with Big Data is a breeze with BIRT Analytics' FastDB engine. You'll love its lightning-fast loading times of terabytes of data over a lightweight server. And, as an added bonus, your IT team will appreciate being able to redirect resources for high-level support, resulting in greater organizational efficiency.


Questions? We're here to help. Send us a message today. Or chat with us directly: 1 (888) 422-8828 


BIRT Is Your On-Ramp to Analyzing Big Data
Speed time-to-value with just one tool that handles all your data analysis.

  • All Your Data in a Single View
    Access huge data sets from multiple sources quickly and easily 
  • Instant Response Times against Big Data
    Leverage high-performance, real-time Big Data analysis of hundreds of tables, millions of rows, billions of records—at once—for deeper business insights.
  • Rapid Visual Data Exploration
    Go from raw data to sophisticated data visualizations in minutes with a few quick clicks.
  • No Data Scientists or Statisticians Required
    Eliminate the need for data cubes, SQL, data pre-processing, modeling, and coding.
  • Prebuilt Algorithms for Statistical Data Analysis
    Empower users without statistical backgrounds to run deep analytics with prepackaged algorithmic functions. Analyze Big Data quickly and visually with decision trees, association rules, profiling, segmentation, Venn diagrams, and more!

Advanced Analytics Technology for the Big Data Market
According to analyst firms, the Big Data market is growing at a rate that will generate more than $30 billion in revenues by 2017 (1).

Wondering how to find answers in your sea of Big Data? If you're like most analysts and business leaders, you're probably looking for ways to stay ahead in this competitive market. You want simple, but powerful analytical tools that let you understand your data better so you can answer these kinds of business questions:

  1. Why are customers behaving a certain way?
  2. What can our organization do to get to the next level?
  3. How do we outsmart our competition?

Don't let Big Data become an obstacle to finding the business-critical insights you need to succeed. BIRT Analytics empowers you with the best Big Data technologies so you can:

  1. Quickly sift through massive volumes of data to zero in on answers
  2. Make strategic, data-driven business decisions without depending on IT support
  3. Analyze millions of customer-related records and transactions from complex data sources
  4. Excel beyond the competition with predictive and advanced analytical tools that show you what has happened, why it happened, and most importantly, what will happen next.
Are you ready for the data explosion? BIRT Analytics prepares you for the future.
Ready for the Big Data explosion? BIRT Analytics prepares you.

Get these competitive advantages and more with our unique and trusted solution for analyzing Big Data.

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(1) Market Trends: Analytics, Business Intelligence and Performance Management to Be All-Pervasive by 2020 – Gartner, 29 June 2012.

"Before using BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzing information took a considerable amount of our technical experts' time, which compromised the service we were providing. Since BIRT Analytics lets our users work autonomously, without IT assistance, our IT workload has decreased." Francisco Margarite, CIO, Inversis Bank
"BIRT Analytics enables our customers to find hidden information in their data. All they need to do is combine their own business smarts with these innovative advanced and predictive analytics techniques. BIRT Analytics gives business users the power to perform predictive analyses without complex mathematical models." Fred Veldhuis, Managing Director, CPM Factory (Partner)
"The main advantage of BIRT Analytics is that people touch the data. When they are exploring the data they may have a goal, and then when they start digging into the information they may find something else and follow another thread. The data is so close to them it is almost natural to use it. They can navigate and discover. We find they normally get more information than they were expecting. People really like this tool." Faustino Pérez, Director, Head of Development, Inversis Bank (Financial Services)
"Advanced and predictive analytics solutions that deliver unprecedented usability, aimed at business users with limited technical skills who demand real-time, self-service data mining." Faustino Rivero, Sales Director, Brújula (Partner)
"Before BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzing information took considerable amount of our technical experts’ time, and as a consequence we were not providing top service. BIRT Analytics has given our marketers autonomy and flexibility. They now get detailed customer knowledge, see behavior patterns and make movement predictions quickly and easily." Francisco Magarite, CIO at Inversis Bank

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